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Free ballistic calculator for Android

Download here: Strelok v2.56

Here is a video from users of Strelok: (Portuguese) (Spanish)

Supported reticles:

MilDot, USMC,
MilDot, US Army,

NP-R2, Nightforce,
NP-R1, Nightforce,
MLR, Nightforce,
NP-2DD, Nightforce,
NP-1RR, Nightforce,
Velocity 1000, Nightforce,
Velocity 600, Nightforce,
MOAR, Nightforce,

Contender, BSA,
Contender Mil-Dot, BSA,

Ballistic Plex, Burris,
Ballistic Mildot, Burris,
XTR Ballistic Mildot, Burris,
Ballistic CQ 5.56, Burris,
XTR Ballistic 5.56, Burris,
XTR Ballistic 7.62, Burris,
Ballistic Plex, Burris,

Ballistic, Bushnell,
DOA 600, Bushnell,
G2DMR, Bushell,

MP20, Falcon,
Enhanced Mildot, Falcon,
LP20, Falcon,
Brabant-20, Falcon,
ML16, Falcon,

H-25, Horus Vision,
H-37, Horus Vision,
H-70, Horus Vision,
H-58, Horus Vision,

MP-8 Dot Modified, IOR,
MP-8 Xtreme, IOR,
MP-8 Dot, IOR,
4D, C2.5-10x50, KAHLES
4D, C3-12x56, KAHLES

TMR, Leupold,
SPR, Leupold,
LR Duplex, Leupold,
Boone and Crockett, Leupold,
Varmint Hunter's, Leupold,
LRV Duplex, Leupold,
SA.B.R., Leupold,
Firedot, Leupold,

FML-1, March,
MTR-1, March,

SCB, MTC Optics,
AMD, MTC Optics,

BDC Standart, Nikon,
BDC 600, Nikon,
BDC Predator, Nikon,
BDC 200, Nikon,
BDC 150, Nikon,

Gen 2 MilDot,Premier Reticles,
Gen 2 XR, Premier Reticles,
MOA-ER, Premier Reticles,

P4, Schmidt&Bender,
A8 Varmint, Schmidt&Bender,
MSR, Schmidt&Bender,

BR, Swarovski,
TDS-4, Swarovski,
BRX/BRH, Swarovski,
BRT, Swarovski,
4A-300, Swarovski,

Mil-Quad, SWFA,
SS1-4 Donut, SWFA,

EBR-1 MRAD, Vortex,
Dead-Hold BDC, Vortex,
EBR-1 MOA s1, 6–24x50 Vortex,
Dead-Hold BDC hashes, Vortex,
EBR-1 MOA, Vortex,
TMCQ MRAD, Vortex,
TMCQ MOA, Vortex,
EBR-1 MRAD s1, 6x-24x Vortex,
EBR-2B MRAD, Vortex,
EBR-1 MOA, 2.5x-10x Vortex,
EBR-1 MRAD, 2.5-10 Vortex,

EMDR, Weaver,
TBX, Weaver,
EBX, Weaver,

EPB MILS, Wotac,
EPB MOA, Wotac,

Rapid Z 5, Zeiss,
Rapid Z 7, Zeiss,
Rapid Z 600, Zeiss,
Rapid Z 1000, Zeiss,
Rapid Z 800, Zeiss,
Rapid Z Varmint, Zeiss,

Mil-DotBar, Millet,
Accu-Range, Redfield,
Cabelas Alaskan Guide,
Smart Reticle, Simmons,
Ballistic Reticle, Leica,
6-dots MilDot, CenterPoint,
9-dots MilDot, CenterPoint
MSR, MakSnipe,
BDA, Docter,
LRMOA, 6.5-24x50 Sightron,
LRX, Nikko Stirling,
618-V2, Shepherd,
MCZ, Delta,
Mil-Scale GAP, US Optic,
CMR, Hi-Lux/Leatherwood,
K-5.56, Meopta,
BDC, Minox,
Range Finder, NcStar,
RangeFinder, Barska,
Range Finder, Osprey,
RF, Lynx, LX2 3.5-10x50,
ART, Holland,
WBDC, Alpen,
Rapid Reticle 22-1, PFI,
Chevron, Trijicon,
POSP 8x42, Russia,
PSO-1, Russia,

**********************reticles that are absent in this free version can be found in paid version of my program Strelok+**********************

for this reticles my program can calculate holdovers according reticle subtensions


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. I have a (Nightforce, Leupold, Bushnell, etc) scope with MilDot Recticle
Is that in your library of recticles? If yes which one would I have to choose and if no is there a chance you could include it in one of your next updates?

A. MilDot - this is standard reticle and it already listed in my program, so you can select from the list reticle with name "MilDot (USMC)" and use it.

Q. Would it be possible to support different scope zooms and indicate current magnification?

A. Yes, buy paid version of my program - Strelok+

Q. Any plan to add "Truing" feature?

A. Yes, this feature included to the paid version - Strelok+

Q. What is your definition of "scope height"?

A. Distance between center line of scope and center line of bore. Like here.

Q. What is difference between MilDot (USMC) and MilDot (US Army)?

A.Read this good article: The Truth About Mil Dots

Q. Why I can not hit the target with your ballistic program outputs?

A. Read this good article: Sources of Ballistic Program Inaccuracies

Q. Which drag function used in the program?

A. G1.



Explanation of terms:

1. Zeroing weather:
Weather at which you zero the rifle (scope) in

2. Zeroing weather: match current weather:
Weather at which you zero the rifle in match the weather you shoot the range
Another words, you zero in the rifle and shoot the range at the same place and time

3. Zeroing weather: enabled (disabled):
If zeroing weather enabled, the program will consider a difference between zeroing weather and present weather.
If zeroing weather disabled, the program will consider that zeroing weather and the present weather are identical.

4. On how many percent bullet speed will change at change temperature on 15 degrees:

Suppose, you have 2 bullet velocity mesurement. 1 and 2 (for different temperatures):
TempDiference = temp_2 - temp_1;
SpeedDiference = speed_2 - speed_1;

TempModifyer = SpeedDiference/TempDiference*15/speed_1*100;

TempModifyer - this is parameter we need for input to my ballistic calculator.
2.5% - this is for very middle quality powder. Best powders can have 1.2 or so.

For air rifles set this parameter to 0!

Here is simple calculator for this purpose: metric units, imperial units


MOA - minute of angle

MIL - miliradian.

clicks - clicks of scope knob

Hor. - Horisontal adjustrment

Vert. - Vertical adjustrment



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